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Norton antivirus provides end to end protection to the Windows, Macs, iPhone, Android with the high-level security. Protection from spam and sensitive information theft is also offered by this widely famous and popular antivirus brand. It is lightweight and runs in the background without hindering the user’s work or slowing down the computer. The Norton setup process consists of download, installation, and activation. First, the users have to sign in at

Steps for Downloading the Norton Software

For download procedure of Norton setup, follow the steps listed below to begin the downloading process on the computer:

•    Open the default internet browser which had downloaded on the computer.

•    Type in the address bar URL.

•    Open the Norton product webpage located at the Norton home-page, which will open when you search the Norton setup whichever you like to download on the computer.

•    Once you find the Norton setup, and then press the “Buy Now, and Download” option showed underneath the title of the Norton product.

•    When you are going through the payment method of that Norton product you had chosen, you have to log in to the registered Norton account and write the details asked in the section.

•    You can make payment with any of the method listed on the Norton product home-page.

•    After you are done the payment method on the computer, you will get the download Norton setup URL on the given email address which you had registered while purchasing the Norton product.

•    Go to the inbox and press on the Norton setup download URL so that the download procedure gets started on the computer.

•    You will get the downloaded Norton product by going to the download folder located on the documents file.

Steps for Installing the Norton Software

For the installation procedure of Norton setup, follow the steps listed below to begin the installation process on the computer:

•    Select only one procedure listed below, to open the downloaded Norton setup on the computer.

  • Go to the system folder which is named as “Downloads,” there you will get the downloaded Norton setup file.
  • In case you had purchased the Norton setup from the offline way, then place the compact disk to the disk drive.

•    Press twice on the downloaded file of Norton setup.

•    After that, press the “Yes” option given in the Norton downloaded webpage.

•    Agree on the “End User License Agreement” which had given before starting the Norton product installation procedure.

•    Tap on the “I Agree” option provided on the Agreement page.

•    Once you have done with the agreement step, go through the guidelines shown on the computer display before you begin the installation procedure.

•    The Norton setup installation procedure will get started on the computer. Let the Norton antivirus complete the installation procedure.

•    After finishing the installation process, now you have to go through the activation procedure.

Steps for activating the Norton Software

For the activation procedure of Norton setup, follow the steps listed below to begin the activating process on the computer:

•    In case you had brought the Norton product from the online way, then the Norton activation code will be sent in the Norton email ID.

•    In case you had brought the Norton setup from the offline way, then the identification key will be located in the Norton setup disk cover.

The steps are listed below to given guidance to the users how they can activate their purchased Norton product, quickly:

•    Open the downloaded software of Norton product on the computer, by pressing the Norton symbol on the window.

•    Go to the “Activation” column located in the “Settings” application.

•    Go through the step by typing the “ 25 character alphanumeric Norton Product key” on the activation column.

•    Once you finish the steps mentioned above, tap the “Activate” option on the Norton setup activation home-page.

•    You will get the Norton setup activated on the computer.

Redeem Your Norton Setup Activation Key

Download and Install Norton Setup

Firstly, ensure that your Windows PC meets the minimum requirements for the Norton product. After that, you can continue with the download and installation process. Follow each of the steps given below and do not skip any of the actions.

  1. Log in to Norton account.
  2. In the page, locate and click on Download Norton.
  3. Read the Agreement and click on Agree and Download.
  4. Run the downloaded setup file.
  5. In the User Account Control prompt, click on the continue button.
  6. Follow the prompts displayed on the screen.
  7. Reboot the PC when installation is done.